The city of Aalborg prepares for the first 3 fuel cell buses in Denmark

The North Denmark Region and the Municipality of Aalborg have signed contracts for delivery of three hydrogen buses and for the buidling of a hydrogen production and refuelling station, which will be operational from October 2019 as the country’s first fuel cell bus deployment. This initiative is a full part of the North Denmark Region committment to  decarbonisation and a cleaner air.
The three hydrogen buses will be running in the city center of Aalborg and on selected regional bus lines around Aalborg from October 2019.

Press release: High V.LO-City project launches demonstration site for fuel cell electric buses in Sanremo, Italy

Brussels, 30th November 2018


Today (30th November 2018) marks the official launch of the Sanremo site of the High V.LO-City project by the Mayor of Sanremo, Alberto Biancheri. Three fuel cell electric buses and their hydrogen refuelling infrastructure have been deployed in the city.

FCH-JU publishes study on the joint procurement of fuel cell buses in Europe

The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU, has published a new study on the joint procurement of fuel cell buses, with the aim of further facilitating the deployment of fuel cell buses in Europe. 

The study worked with 90 different European cities and regions on the business case for the deployment of fuel cell buses and identified a potential demand for over 1,500 buses in these locations. 

Bus manufacturer Van Hool receives an order for 40 fuel cell buses

28th february 2018

Belgian bus manufacturer has announced on the 28th of February that it has received an order for 40 fuel cell buses for Germany. This is the biggest order for fuel cell buses a manufacturer has ever received in Europe. 

The order has been placed in the framework of the JIVE project, which will deploy 139 new fuel cell buses in five countries in Europe. The buses will be delivered to Germany: 30 buses will be deployed in Cologne and the remaining 10 will de deployed in Wuppertal.