Wuppertal's first fuel cell bus is in town

The first fuel cell bus has arrived in Wuppertal! This is the first of a fleet of 10 Van Hool buses, all fleet will progressively arrived by February. Ths hydrogen refuelling station is being built in parallel. Hydrogen will be produced via electrolyser with electricity produced from the waste incineration plant. This is the first "Waste-to-Energy" project producing hydrogen that will be used in public trnasport. No doubt that this example will inspire other cities across Europe. 

High V.LO-City Final Conference - Event summary

The High V.LO-City project organised its final conference in Groningen, Netherlands, on Wednesday the 27th of November. The conference saw the project partners and interested participants coming together to discuss the project results, lessons learned and the future of zero emission buses. High V.LO-City is one of the FCH-JU funded bus deployment projects which are raising awareness and acceptance of fuel cell technology in public transport.

Toulouse's airport on board with fuel cell buses

The airport of Toulouse-Blagnac is turning to hydrogen: A hydrogen refuelling station will be installed in 2020. The station will be in public space and used to refuel four fuel cell buses. The buses, operated by Transdev, will be used as shuttle to transport passengers between the  airport runways and the terminals as well as between the terminals and the cars parkings. The company Safra, located in the region Occitanie, will deliver the buses in 2020.

Hydrogen entering the palace: Fuel cell bus line inauguration in Versailles

Today, 12 September, the first fuel cell buses have been inaugurated in Versailles. The two Van Hool bus are in daily operation on line 264 between Versailles and Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines) since September 9th.  The buses will be refuelled in 20 minutes at the hydrogen refuelling station in Jouy-en-Josas.