The MEHRLIN project will deploy seven hydrogen refuelling stations serving bus fleets in cities across Europe, in the UK, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.  MEHRLIN began in July 2017 and will run until the end of 2020.  The MEHRLIN project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (€5.5M) and the support is managed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency.


The overall objective of MEHRLIN is to demonstrate a financeable demand-led business model for hydrogen refuelling stations in order to further boost the deployment of hydrogen as an alternative fuel in the EU.  The project consists of a study with a real-life trial of large hydrogen stations in 7 different locations (see map below).  By building and operating these stations, the MEHRLIN project will not only contribute to the expansion of the hydrogen refuelling station network in Europe, but will allow a test, under real conditions, of the technical and economic performance of refuelling stations under high load and daily utilisation.   Using this evidence, MEHRLIN will undertake an assessment of the financing case for HRS using a demand-led business model to further boost the deployment of hydrogen as alternative fuel in the EU.  This business model will be defined through study and seminars to be carried out jointly with key finance providers.