High V.LO City Final Conference

The High V.LO-City project is coming to an end. The final conference of the project will take place on the 27 November 2019, in Groningen. 

Towards zero emission public transport with fuel cell buses

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The project's objectives included increasing the efficiency of the buses, reducing the life cycle costs by decreasing the price of hydrogen and increasing the lifetime of components, and demonstrate a high availability. The project partners will present the results against these objectives. Valuable lessons on the maintenance and operation of fuel cell buses will be shared. This can help operators and policy makers to avoid mistakes and build on existing experiences. 

Besides the 14 buses deployed by the project, Antwerpen (BE), San Remo (IT) and Groningen (NL) received funding for a hydrogen refuelling station. Deploying refuelling stations for hydrogen is a key challenge in decarbonising public transport. Before the final conference on the 27th of November, there will be a visit and guided tour of the refuelling station in Delfzijl, built by the project partner PitPoint. It is possible to register for the tour and the final conference seperately via this link

In case of question regarding the agenda or general inqueries about the event, feel free to contact us: secretariat@hyer.eu