Stuttgart Flughaven Germany

Project: S-Presso/ National Innovation Platform

Technology: Tube trailer

Refuelling station operator: OMV

Technology Provider: Linde

Stuttgart City Centre Germany

Project: S-Presso/ National Innovation Platform

Technology: Electrolysis on-site

Refuelling station operator: ENWB

The refueller delivers hydrogen to the vehicle’s tank in a controlled manner and to the correct pressure. Hydrogen is dispensed to the vehicle through a flexible hose and nozzle connected to the vehicle’s tank, in a similar fashion to refilling with petrol or diesel.

Versailles, France

Project: H2ME, 3Emotion 

Technology: Hydrogen delivered by Tube trailers

Refuelling station operator: Air Liquide

Also some smaller companies for example H2Logic, a Danish Company famous for its’ containerised solutions, whom is only focussed on building and operating hydrogen refuelling stations, throughout Europe.


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