Best Practice Case Study: Fuel Cell Bus Implementation


There is a great deal of information provided by the ‘Start to Implement’ section of the Fuel Cell Electric Bus website. The information is not easily summarised for the reader wanting an overview. The authors concluded that the best approach would be to provide a Case Study of what a Fuel Cell Bus implementation project might look like.

This ‘perfect world’ scenario is based on a range of ‘real-world’ examples and the experience and imagination of the authors. It brings together in a narrative many of the key Best Practice recommendations gathered from JIVE/JIVE 2 project partners to date together with knowledgeable others. This is an ‘ideal’ scenario and should be interpreted as such, serving only as a vehicle to highlight approaches that work.

If there is one piece of wisdom that does transcend all practices, it would be that all contexts are different, so the advice you find in this case study and other resources needs to be considered in the light of your own project and its specific circumstances. Having said that, there is some good advice here for every situation.

Case study - Best practice fuel cell bus implementation project.