Planning for HRS and FCB Operations


The operational stage is the most essential aspect of an FCB project. It is the reason for embarking on the project. It will provide critical information to determine the future of the application of H2 and FCB technology at that site. It will also be the most public activity of the project and therefore, most open to scrutiny. Suc-cess is critical, and only careful and thorough planning can achieve this. The saying "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail" certainly holds when applied to an FCB Project.

While some Best Practices are applicable to only the planning for the bus or the HRS operations, there are some general approaches and actions that are applicable to both.

Challenges and Best Practice Solutions related specifically to HRSs or FCBs are also provided.

Some of the most useful resources for planning for operations can be found in Table 2 7.

A useful list of operational performance parameters for both the HRSs and FCBs required for the JIVE 2 project are also provided.