Hydrogen refuelling concepts

Different concepts for refuelling infrastructure exist that are suitable for different levels of hydrogen demand, from refuelling a single car to large refilling stations able to refuel multiple cars and buses on a daily basis. All hydrogen refuelling stations include the following basic components:

- Hydrogen production and supply

Hydrogen can be generated on-site

  • by electrolysis of water
  • by small scale reformation of natural gas

Hydrogen can be produced centrally and delivered to the site

  • in liquefied form
  • as gaseous hydrogen
  • by tube trailer or via a pipeline
  • produced via reforming of Natural Gas
  • supplied as byproduct from industrial processes

- Hydrogen storage

  • delivered as a liquid       
  • delivered as a compressed gas

- Hydrogen Refueller

  • Cascade storage fill system
  • Booster compressor fill system