Documentsort descending Date Project
AFHYPAC brochure - L'opportunité bus électriques à hydrogène - in French 20-06-2018
An attractive Value Proposition for Zero-Emission Buses in Scandinavia - 2nd Edition 4-06-2018
Brochure fuel cell bus Pau - Busworld 2019 17-10-2019 JIVE 2
Commercialisation of fuel cell buses - white paper 5-03-2018
FCEB's: an attractive value proposition for zero-emission buses in the United Kingdom 24-11-2016
Final Report CHIC (Clean Hydrogen in European Cities) 15-06-2017 CHIC
Final report on the strategies for joint procurement of fuel cell buses 10-12-2018
Fuel cell electric buses – Potential for sustainable transport in Europe 15-03-2016
Fuel cell electric buses: a proven zero-emission solution 8-12-2016 CHIC
Guidance for HRS consenting phase (Sept 2018) 2-01-2020 JIVE 2
Info pack about the hydrogen infrastructure in Pau (France) 14-01-2019 JIVE 2
Introduction to fuel cell buses : guidelines for operators (in German) 10-12-2018
JIVE & MEHRLIN - Perfomance Assessment Handbook 17-07-2018 JIVE , MEHRLIN
JIVE best practice and commercialisation report 1 27-08-2019 JIVE , JIVE 2
JIVE/JIVE2/MEHRLIN leaflet 29-08-2019 JIVE , JIVE 2, MEHRLIN
Lessons learnt from FCB joint procurement - D.1.1 (June 2018) 2-01-2020 JIVE
New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots - Guidance Document on Large Scale Hydrogen Bus Refuelling 21-03-2017
New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots - High-Level Techno Economic Project Summary Report 21-03-2017 NewBusFuel
No less than 8 pages dedicated to fuel cell buses in the French newspaper Sud Ouest 6-09-2019 JIVE 2
Operators' guide to FCB deployment (Oct 2019) 2-01-2020 JIVE 2
Press release on operational launch of Febus (Pau) 17-12-2019
Press release on the inauguration of the hydrogen refuelling station in Pau 19-09-2019 3 Emotion
Recommendations for Hydrogen Infrastructure in Subsequent Projects 22-11-2016 CHIC
Strategies for joint procurement of Fuel Cell Electric Buses 30-08-2016
Urban buses: alternative powertrains for Europe 15-03-2016