Documentsort descending Date Project
AFHYPAC brochure - L'opportunité bus électriques à hydrogène - in French 20-06-2018
An attractive Value Proposition for Zero-Emission Buses in Scandinavia - 2nd Edition 4-06-2018
Analysis of investments in workshops for fuel cell buses and hydrogen refuelling stations 21-05-2015 CHIC
Best practice report January 2020 3-03-2020 JIVE
Bringing it all Together – A Case Study in Best Practice 15-09-2022 JIVE
Brochure fuel cell bus Pau - Busworld 2019 17-10-2019 JIVE 2
Comment déployer des bus électriques à hydrogène en France ? 22-07-2020
Commercialisation of fuel cell buses - white paper 5-03-2018
D1.1 - Report on the lessons learned from joint procurement 21-05-2024 JIVE , JIVE 2, MEHRLIN
D3.1 - Analysis of economic data Public report 29-06-2023 MEHRLIN
D3.20 – Interim analysis of the impact on urban bus service operations and operator attitudes 28-04-2023 JIVE
D4.13 Lessons learnt from the 1st JIVE 2 CEE bus roadshow 5-06-2023 JIVE 2
D4.21 2nd Roadshow Lessons Learned 12-03-2024 JIVE 2
D4.4 Report on policymaker workshops 31-05-2023 JIVE
Deployment and operations 15-09-2022 JIVE
El Bus de hidrogeno en su ciudad Evolución estratégica 6-09-2021 JIVE
Environmental Impacts and External Cost Benefits of FCBs – Comparison of FCBs with BEBs 2-06-2023 JIVE
European Zero Emission Bus conference: summary 26-11-2021
Europe’s largest hybrid fuel cell bus fleet and first hydrogen infrastructure for public transport have been unveiled 21-08-2020 JIVE 2
Extract from influencing factors to the acceptance process of FCH technologies 18-06-2017 CHIC
FCEB's: an attractive value proposition for zero-emission buses in the United Kingdom 24-11-2016
Final Best Practice Report D3.26 / D3.29 17-07-2024 JIVE
Final Report CHIC (Clean Hydrogen in European Cities) 28-02-2017 CHIC
Final report on the strategies for joint procurement of fuel cell buses 10-12-2018
Financing and planning 15-09-2022 JIVE
Fuel cell buses: best practices and commercialisation approaches 15-07-2020 JIVE
Fuel cell electric buses – Potential for sustainable transport in Europe 15-03-2016
Fuel cell electric buses: a proven zero-emission solution 8-12-2016 CHIC
Fünf Brennstoffzellen-Hybridbusse des Typs Solaris für Hürth 9-03-2022 JIVE 2
Guidance for HRS consenting phase (Sept 2018) 3-09-2018 JIVE 2
HIGH V.LO-CITY - Project Final Report 30-06-2021 High V.LO-City
Hydrogen fuel cell bus will carry passengers on line 17 in Most for three days 5-12-2022 JIVE 2
Hydrogen Safety Kit 2-03-2022
HyTransit - Final report 31-10-2019 HyTransit
Industry leaders highlight the important role of hydrogen mobility at policymaker workshop (Press Release) 24-03-2023 JIVE
Influencing factors to the acceptance process of FCH technologies in public transport 18-02-2017 CHIC
Info pack about the hydrogen infrastructure in Pau (France) 14-01-2019 JIVE 2
Introduction to fuel cell buses : guidelines for operators (in German) 10-12-2018
Issues of concern to external stakeholders and critics and pathways to their resolution 18-02-2017 CHIC
Issues of concern to external stakeholders and critics and pathways to their resolution: Reflections on change after 2 years 18-02-2017 CHIC
JIVE & JIVE 2 Best Practice Report 25-07-2022 JIVE
JIVE & MEHRLIN - Perfomance Assessment Handbook 26-02-2018 JIVE , MEHRLIN
JIVE / JIVE 2 Public Presentation 10-07-2024 JIVE , JIVE 2
JIVE best practice and commercialisation report 1 16-08-2019 JIVE , JIVE 2
JIVE/JIVE2/MEHRLIN leaflet 13-07-2020 JIVE , JIVE 2, MEHRLIN
Joint procurement of fuel cell buses 6-07-2021
Lastenheft BZ Busse 16-12-2020 JIVE 2
Lessons learnt from FCB joint procurement - D.1.1 (June 2018) 4-06-2018 JIVE
Most testuje vodíkový autobus, vyzkoušet ho může každý na lince 17 12-05-2022 JIVE 2
New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots - Guidance Document on Large Scale Hydrogen Bus Refuelling 21-03-2017