JIVE launches 2nd Central and Eastern Europe Roadshow

The JIVE2 project is excited to announce the launch of its second hydrogen bus tour, taking place in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland. Starting in September 2023, the bus tour will include a series of national workshops, test drives, and encounters with the general public as well as local stakeholders.

The mission of the 2nd Roadshow is to strengthen regional capabilities to facilitate the rapid deployment of fuel cell bus technology, thus fostering the growth and expansion of the sector in the short to medium term. In particular, it aims to:

  • Facilitate the commitment of all participating cities and operators to publicly declare their intentions to deploy FCBs between 2025 and 2030, thereby solidifying their dedication by the conclusion of the Roadshow.
  • Increase public awareness of this cutting-edge technology on a widespread scale, ensuring that the general public is well-informed and educated about its potential benefits and significance.
  • Surmount the shortage of FCBs in countries that express a genuine interest in the technology but face infrastructural constraints due to their geographical locations.

“Facilitating city commitments to deploy fuel cell buses is crucial for advancing sustainable mobility objectives aligned with EU Funding priorities. Investing in FCB deployment propels the transition to a greener future, enhancing environmental sustainability and positioning the EU as a front-runner in the global clean transportation revolution.” commented Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director ad interim, Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

“FCEBs are now starting to make their way into the roadmap of public transportation companies across the globe.” Acknowledged Gints Burks, Chairman of the board of the Jelgava city public transport operator. Mr Burks added: “We are excited to be part of the JIVE 2nd Roadshow and look forward to testing the bus for a few days to give our employees and passengers a glimpse into our zero-emission future. It is important to assess FCEB technical performance as well as operating models for bus fleets and the associated refuelling infrastructure before deploying FCEB on streets.”

The 1st JIVE Roadshow provided a platform for cities in Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary to actively test the capabilities of hydrogen transportation and gain practical insights into its real-world application. Following the roadshow, a majority of the cities that participated in technology trials (over 90%) have expressed a formal interest in deploying fuel cell buses (FCBs). Click here to learn more about the lessons learned of the first roadshow.



The JIVE and JIVE2 projects are financed by the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under grant agreements no. 735582 and 779563. The Clean Hydrogen Undertaking receives support from the European Union's research and innovation programs Horizon 2020, Hydrogen Europe, and Hydrogen Europe Research. About the JIVE and JIVE 2 projects: The JIVE and JIVE2 projects, which started in January 2017 and January 2018, respectively, will deploy 310 zero-emission fuel cell buses and associated infrastructure (under the MEHRLIN project) in 17 European cities and regions by the first half of the 2020s, which represents the largest implementation in Europe so far. The buses will be deployed in cities and regions in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

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