Hydrogen in public transport - perspectives for bus and infrastructure deployment in Europe

Hydrogen in Public Transport - Perspectives for Bus and Infrastructure Deployment in Europe

Join us for an insightful online event on 26 June 2024, from 15:30 to 17:30 CEST, focused on the future of hydrogen in public transport. Mobility and transport are essential to European life and economic prosperity, providing substantial socio-economic benefits. However, these sectors face significant environmental challenges, including rising greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution.

Decarbonising urban and peri-urban mobility demands a swift transition to increased public transport usage and a higher share of zero-emission vehicles in public transport fleets. The successful deployment of hydrogen buses hinges on the availability of adequate refuelling infrastructure, ensuring a reliable supply that maximizes the operational potential of these vehicles.

In this workshop, policymakers, industry leaders, and experts from both the public and private sectors will come together to explore the scalability of alternative fuels infrastructures across Europe. Participants will delve into the challenges and opportunities associated with this transition, examining the role of European policies in shaping this dynamic landscape. Key discussion topics will include regulatory frameworks, financing mechanisms, and innovative initiatives driving sustainable growth in the alternative fuels sector.

Additionally, the workshop will shed light on crucial funding opportunities, such as the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facilities (AFIF), which are pivotal in advancing decarbonisation efforts within the transport sector.

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