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Workshop Fuel Cell Buses: Clearing the Way for Zero Emission Transport during week of Cities and Regions


Fuel cell bus deployments will be presented as part of the Week of Cities and Regions! 

Specifically: the session, entitled: “Fuel Cell Buses: Clearing the Way for Zero Emission Transport”  under the thematic priority “ a greener Europe” will take place in Brussels in The Square on Tuesday 8 October, between 9:15 and 10:45.


CIVITAS Forum 2019

02.10.2019 to 04.10.2019

The CIVITAS Forum Conference 2019 will be held in Graz, Austria, from 2-4 October 2019. The 17th edition of Europe's top sustainable urban mobility event will gather the leading figures in the field from across the continent and beyond. 

Festival sustainable mobility


The festival of sustainable mobility (Duurzame Mobiliteit) will take place on Tuesday 1st October in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.  

A session will be dedicated to fuel cell buses in the province of South-Holland: OV op waterstof in Zuid-Holland, between 14:15 and 15:15. 

More ifnromation and programme available here

International Zero Emission Bus Conference, San Francisco USA

26.09.2019 to 27.09.2019

The International Zero Emission Bus Conference, hosted by the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), will take place in San Francisco. The conference brings together more than 500 international bus operators, industry specialists, and climate policy leaders to discuss the latest technology innovations that support ZEB adoption at scale, policies allowing increased purchasing of ZEBs and operators’ methods to transition fleets in cost-conscious, minimally disruptive ways.